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Don't take the chance of getting an interpreter with less than optimum skills. An area of interpretation which truly sets many interpreters apart is the ability to effectively handle Consecutive and Simultaneous interpreting. All our interpreters are experienced and effective in simultaneous interpretation - our interpreters are trained to speak while you're speaking, directly into the person's ear with minimal disruption in the courtroom. This is not only the preferred method of interpretation in the courtroom, but also is an extremely valuable asset for interpretations in other arenas. Nonetheless, we recognize that at times it is beneficial to switch to consecutive interpreting, as required. Our interpreters not only have the skills to do so, but also the experience to know when it is best to switch styles (without having to be instructed to do so). We facilitate a seamless and fluid communication flow, with minimal impact to your schedule.

Document Translation

From the very simple to the especially complex

When you need a document translated quickly and accurately, our translators provide accuracy and speed while keeping costs reasonable. Not only are we knowledgeable in the language arena, but we are experienced in working with documents of all types.

Rely on us for meticulous and true translations. Our staff of native-speaking professionals retain subject-specific expertise to help you accomplish your project goals. With us, you don't only get a translator, but you get a professional with world wide experience. "Lost in Translation" is a thing of the past.

Audio / Video

  • Bodycam

  • Video Files

  • Audio Files

Have audio / video evidence, but it contains Spanish portions!?

From time to time, courts, attorneys and/or investigators need audio/video files transcribed with the Spanish sections translated! Now you have an experienced professional that can provide certified transcripts with relevant portions translated, so that you can use it in court.

Examples of audio / video files:
• Interviews / debriefings,
• Police / investigator body-cam,
• Private investigator surveillance,
• Phone recordings,
• and any other audio/video evidence,

Quality Service with World Wide Experience

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Some of our CLIENTS which we provide “Over-the-Phone” and “On-site” interpretation,
as well as translations, include:
• Superior courts
• State courts
• Magistrate courts
• Probate courts
• Juvenile courts
• Municipal courts
• Immigration services
• Attorneys
• Hospitals and doctors offices
• Insurance providers, including medical and property insurers
• Corporate clients from Fortune 100 to numerous small businesses
• Business & Religious Conventions
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CONNECTING PEOPLE-to-PEOPLE ...While Breaking Language & Cultural Barriers

Since 1982, we have been helping facilitate foreign language communication in a variety of settings and industry segments, including big & small businesses, fortune 100 companies, healthcare, government, insurance, religious, education and financial services.

For a partial list of entities we have helped over the years, see Our Clients

Though based in the Atlanta area, we,provide on-site interpretation to the Legal & Medical sectors within the Metro-Atlanta and surrounding areas – over 35 counties in Georgia, including:

* GEORGIA COUNTIES served, includes: Athens, Barrow, Bartow, Bibb, Bulloch, Catoosa, Clarke, Clayton, Cobb, Columbia, DeKalb, Elbert, Fayette, Floyd, Forsyth, Fulton, Franklin, Gordon, Greene, Gwinnett, Habersham, Hall, Hart, Henry, Jackson, Laurens, Lumpkin, Monroe, Newton, Paulding, Richmond, Rockdale, Stephens, Walton, Ware, White, and Whitfield counties.
ADDITIONALLY, we also have served clients of all types in over 15 countries within Central & South America, the Caribbean, and Europe, including:

† INTERNATIONAL AREAS SERVED, includes: Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, French Guiana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Venezuela.

Are all Interpreters the same?

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"The days of dreading cases with non-English speakers are finally over!"-- hearing officer, Georgia Dept. of Labor

" As an Attorney and a Spanish speaker myself, I have had the unique opportunity to not only see them at work, but also to truly know that their performance as an interpreter is of a superior quality. With their professionalism, exceptional language skills, and knowledge of proper courtroom decorum, I can truly focus on my role as an attorney, knowing that my client is in good hands"-- Johnny Ramirez Castañeda, Esq.

Though one would like to believe that one interpreter (or translator) will serve you just as well as another.... the Truth of the matter is that having the "right" interpreter can make a world of difference to you! Regrettably, like in any field, in the interpreter arena you also have strong and weak interpreters (having the wrong interpreter could result in laborious, frustrating and time consuming events). Whereas, with us you will always obtain an experienced and proficient top notch interpreter, that is a pleasure to work with and creates a seamless environment where you can accomplish your goals with minimal time impact.

Here’s what people often miss. A high level of bilingualism is the most basic of the qualifications of a competent interpreter, but by itself does not insure the ability to interpret. Quality interpreter services takes much more. Quality interpreters have trained and refined their Skills, Abilities and Knowledge! For example, a professional interpreter’s qualifications include mental dexterity, bicultural competence and insight, linguistic ethics, an expanded linguistic knowledge base, and a high degree of decorum and professionalism.

Sometimes untrained, like employees, or even inexperienced interpreters respond to or engage the speaker in sidebar conversations. At times, the speaker may try to use your bilingual staff member as their advocate, rather than as an interpreter. And someone who is not in the habit of translating conversations for the benefit all others may not always share the entire conversation or may summarize or "clean up" the actual statements made. This makes for partial or even inaccurate communication.

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